What people are saying about,

"Overcome: A Story of Intervention, Rescue, and Redemption; Our Cancer Survivorship Journey,"

Four Stars
 Knocked down (Again and Again) but Not Knocked Out
“The reviews I found for this book are accurate and without exaggeration. The ride Glen and Debbie have been on is fact not fiction. Their response to the most challenging circumstances is inspiring.”   - T.A. Jones
Five Stars 
A deeply engaging memoir, both heart-wrenching and inspiring

“This book immediately engages the reader in a rollercoaster ride of normal life interrupted more than once with the devastating news of cancer diagnoses. The author and his wife went through many trials and adjustments which are described in a relatable and deeply personal way.” - Julie a.
 Five Stars 
Simple, honest and encouraging narrative of their lives battling cancer and its life altering effects

“Overcome is a heartwarming account of a family who built their house on the Rock; their foundation of faith in Jesus Christ and obedience to his teachings. Glen and Debbie have battled the storms of life and cancer while raising a beautiful family and being true friends and encouragers to others.”  - jha50

 Five Stars 
The Power of Story
“I was diagnosed with the same form of cancer as Glen over 40 years ago. The past five years have brought me an ever-growing list of challenging late term health effects caused by the very treatments that saved my life. The beauty of Glen and Debbie's book is the simple, wrenching honesty with which they've shared their vulnerabilities by publishing this.” – SJ Barta
 Five Stars
 “This book is an amazing read. You read it and think, "This is an amazing story," but then you discover it is the true events of the author and his family. It is a true testament of faith and what God can do in your life if you give Him the power to do so. This is an incredible read!!!”
– Paul E. Vaughn

Five Stars   
“Debbie and Glen are a true inspiration. I read the book in one setting, it was hard to put it down. Every time life knocked them down, they stand back up. Where others might turn bitter, the two are still the most loving, caring and compassionate people.
I wish them all the best for the rest of their journey thru life.”
- Christa Schlottmann
 Five Stars
“This book shows to allow God to perform his miracles in our lives. Never give up. Well written book.” – Sam Purvis