Ready For Healing?

Are you stuck in emotional strongholds, childhood wounds, or even a recent wound still having difficulty healing from? If you're a Christian woman seeking to overcome these challenges and find inner peace, you're in the right place!


The Overcomer's Guide

OVERCOMING is easier than you think.

Are you wrestling a challenge that you’ve tried unsuccessfully to overcome? Do you feel like you’re stuck in the mud, tires spinning? Do you feel alone in your current battle and need some support and guidance?

We all go through difficult seasons in our lives where overcoming seems next to impossible. Are you ready to say goodbye to the things that have been holding you back and to move forward in your overcoming?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book was written for you. The Overcomer’s Guide: 8 Steps to Overcoming Life’s Challenges is a step-by-step guide meant to lead the believer to victory. This book provides eight difficult (yet simple) steps that the overcoming believer can apply to any life and spiritual challenge. Yes, any! 
Overcoming isn’t easy, and being equipped for and supported in life’s challenges is vital.

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The Overcomer Conference Call is for overcomers (believers in Christ) that desire support throughout the month to stay encouraged and equipped on their overcomer journey. It offers practical and valuable solutions to spiritual and life challenges. 

The conference call is held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month via zoom @ 7p.m. CST. Join overcomer coach Anna Johnson and a community of other overcomers to focus on various overcomer tools and mindsets.  Consider the membership continuing education units for the overcomer.😉 

Calls will also be recorded and available for viewing at a later time to gain deeper insight on various subjects. 

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