Glen and Debbie Kirkpatrick ​          AUTHORS​​

Get your copy of 0vercome: A Story of Intervention, Rescue, and Redemption; Our Cancer Survivorship Journey

​​Be Inspired to Greater,  
Perseverance, Resilence, and Joy!

What readers are saying...

​"This book is an amazing read. You read it and think, this is an amazing story, but then you discover it is the true events of the author and his family. It is a true testament of faith and what God can do in your life if you give Him the power to do so. This is an incredible read!" 

"The beauty of Glen and Debbie's book is the simple, wrenching honesty with which they've shared their vulnerabilities by publishing this."

"Overcome is an inspiring tale of an equally heartbreaking and uplifting journey."

"An incredible story of repeated crushing news and events answered with despair then courage, ​ perseverance, fight, more despair, friendship,
sacrifice, faith, hope, but most of all love."

- Guillermo Adame, Senior Minister,
   San Diego Church of Christ​​​​