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Overcomer Retreat 4.0

Overcomer Retreat 4.0

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Join us for the Overcomer Rise Up Retreat 4.0, a transformative and all-inclusive weekend dedicated to empowerment, encouragement, and personal growth.

This year's theme is RISE UP! It's a call to action for us to wake up, get up, and be active in our walk! All too often our faith can become stagnant and we began just going through the motions. The Apostle Paul uses this passage to cry out to the Ephesians....Rise Up, take a stand for what is right, speak out lovingly and live for what is true.

This retreat is designed to help you overcome life's challenges, equip you with valuable strategies for success, and boost your confidence in your role as an overcomer.

Check-Friday, March 1 @ 3:30 PM CST @ Timberline, Lindale, TX

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